noun: a collection of documents based on the application of creative and technical skills of a person.

colophon has a collection of both private and public documents generated by Francois Dion. Some of these are by invitation only, while others are for broadcast at large.

public space

Something for your mind is a polymath podcast

Data Visualization Timeline: TIME LINE CHART PDF slick, brief timeline history and timeline
Stemgraphic: A Stem-and-Leaf Plot for the Age of Big Data companion brochure to my PyData 2016 talk of the same name
Stem-and-leaf plot Timeline companion timeline to my PyData 2016 talk
The Hichhiker's Guide to the Open Source Data cience Galaxy companion brochure to my SELF 2016 talk of the same name
Japanese Periods and Eras timeline of Japanese periods (9) and (249) eras as pdf - 2015, updated in 2019 to add Reiwa era