Podcast episode 002

Welcome to Something For Your Mind episode 2. In this episode, "A is for Anomaly", our first of the alphabetical episodes, we cover financial fraud, the Roman quaestores, EKGs, outliers and more. I am your host, Francois Dion.

"so perhaps this is not the ideal way of keeping track of 15 individuals..."


A few selected links:

Financial Fraud & History


Listening to the Data

The EKG and the P, QRS and T waves (9:38 in the episode)

EKG session. Source: NIH

Visualizing outliers


The unbalanced classification problem (pdf)
One Class SVM (Python)
Twitter Anomaly detection (R)
Rank based anomaly detection (pdf)
One Class Random Forest (C++ and pdf)

Francois Dion


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