Podcast Episode 003

Welcome to Something For Your Mind episode 3. In this episode, "Improving your communications and Entrepreneurship", we will cover two different topics. Specifically, we will talk about kinematic displays, improving your communications, coworking spaces, entrepreneurship, innovation and more. This episode will wrap up with a learn more section, on what is an entrepreneur. I am your host, Francois Dion.

"these are people that can't help but generate ideas all the time..."


A few selected links:

Improving your communications

Planning - task juggler

USB soundcards

Firewire drivers for Linux

Audacity - Audio editor

Displaycal - color calibration software

Color Oracle - color blindness simulator

Redshift - color temperature adjustment based on time of day

Kazam - screen capture

(video editors will be part of a future episode)


What is coworking

Wake Forest Innovation Quarter

Flywheel coworking

New Ventures NC

Business Model Canvas

Triad Startup Weekend (and here, sign up here, November 11 to 13 2016)

Francois Dion


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